I love finding and traveling to new places and meeting new people and exploring different cultures. It provides one with an opportunity to learn new ways of doing things. At the same time it gives a chance to one to be less complacent and more appreciative of life. It is possible , so to say, for one to look at life opportunities from a different perspective, from outside of the routine.

US is so vast and has different climate zones. National Parks provide an escape and open the door to natural wonders, where one can relax and enjoy its beauty. 

                                             Red Rock, north of Las Vegas, NV

Zion National Park

                                             Zion National Park, UT

In my early 20’s I had traveled to Honolulu, Hawaii. I was not impressed with Honolulu. I found it very close to resemble Santa Monica, Ca, near which I lived at the time and I used to spend my summer days. As I said above my Idea of travel is to discover something different. For many years my son was asking to go to Hawaii, and I resisted saying there many other places in the world, which are more appealing. Finally, last year realizing it could be the last opportunity for us to spend vacation together as a family, I reluctantly cave  in. (Ron, being a teenager and a native Californian, prefers to pursue local spots. And besides, it is not cool in his opinion, to spend time with your parents.)  Being pleasantly surprised, I realized my mistake: I went to the wrong place many years ago. This time we went to Maui, HI.  

Maui is full of colors and character. While in Maui, I took the most amount of pictures up to that date.

There are plenty of things to do, if one wants to be active. Our five days there we were busy every day.

On the other hand, if one wants to do nothing, there are plenty of opportunity to do that as well. Overall, it was a great family gate-away.

 I love to travel. Every time I come home though, I thank God I am home. We live in such a blessed place that only after traveling extensively around US and abroad for many years and coming back to Southern California, one can really appreciate beauty of the place.