The First Visit

During your first visit we would like to offer you a tour of the practice. Your are welcome to ask any questions. We will answer them as honestly as possible. If I do not have the answer, I promise to find out. After practicing for 20 years, I heard all of them,  but I have been surprised on occasion. Like the other day, a patient wanted to know a chemical composition of the dental appliance. I had taken a dental materials class back at USC about 24 years ago, so I had to do my reasearch, but the answer was found.

Please plan about an hour and a half to two hours for your first visit, during which we will gather information, and then will present to you whatever we will discover together during your dental examination. Some digital x-rays will be taken along with photos of your dental health. You can and should know about condition of your dental health. You will be able to see, maybe for the first time in your life, how the teeth look in your mouth. We can offer a latest in dental diagnostics: Diagnodent laser, which helps to find even the smallest caries, not possible to find with a standard tools. We will carefully and thoroughly perform an oral examination and will explain in a lay person language and show you our findings. Please feel free to ask any questions, including what I see in your mouth, what treatment I recommend, my background, experince and education. Even better idea, think of questions prior to the visit, write them down, and bring your list to a consultation appointment. This way you will come prepared and will not forget something important, which you have always wanted to ask. What else could help is for you to take a couple of minutes and take a look at at your smile. Are you happy with your smile? Is there anything you want to improve? Maybe a teeth color, position, shape or their alignment. Whatever it is, we are here for you, and are ready to help, whenever you are ready.

After gathering all the facts, we will come up with a treatment plan. A treatment plan, which makes sense to you and me. If something makes no sense, please make sure to let me know, so that I can go over those points, which are not clear, or ones you want to modify.  I want you to understand that first and foremost my obligation to you as a patient is your dental health. I want to assure you that I will offer most comprehensive treatment to you in order to keep you in a good health and make sure you keep your smile for life. We will talk about what is more urgent and requires attention now versus what treatment can wait. I will offer my opinion, where we should start. In case you want to modify treatment plan, or you have a different priority, if at all possible, I will make every effort to accumodate your request. You are the patient, and I am here to serve you. My job, as I see it, is to let you know what I, as a professional,  see during an examination. To offer you options how to get to an optimal dental health. It is you job as a patient to understand what I am showing you, and let me know whether you are accepting the whole or part of the treatment at this time. As long as you are ready, and time permits, with your permission your treatment can be started on the same day, if you wish.

After each appointment you will receive an invitation to comment on your experience from, the company we hired among other things, to monitor our service to you, our patients. We take results of this surveys to the heart, and are proud to report that we are rated very good or excellent in 95% in patients experience at our office. If you enjoy your appointment, and have been treated well, we would like you to share your experience with your friends, neighbours and co-workers, and refer them to us for their dental work. After all, that is how we grow, by treating good people like you, who share the same values and appreciate to be taken care of.

With your permission, I or one of the staff might follow up and give you a phone call the same day or next morning to make sure that your first visit was a pleasant one and to answer any additional questions you might have.

Our goal is to provide you, our patient, with such a standard of care that you choose to remain our patient for life.