Photography is my life long passion

 I have enjoyed photography ever since my dad tought me how to handle camera. I remember myself at that tender age, when kids treasure every moment spend with their parent.

My dad happened to spend every other weekend with me. Besides fishing, he happened to have photography as a hobby. Very often he would pull out his old 35mm camera (young people, probably, don’t even know film cameras existed), and while taking a picture of a subject, he would explain some basic elements of the art of freezing life’s tender moment in time. Those cameras were very basic, and required a lot of knowledge to operate, but that is how I have learned the essentials of lightening, positining and other necessarry attributes of a picture taking.

What attracted me to the photography at that age? I guess a feeling of a power being able to produce magic like a picture of my friend’s daughter above. This photo is called: “Flight of the Soul”. Jana decided to free up her hair at a moment when I pressed a camera’s shutter. The result is in front of you to judge. 

My wife is my inspiration to improve my skills in everything including photography. She is a subject of many photos of mine. Inna was born with a zest for life.  I think this photo clearly shows it. I was told, when Inna was a little girl , she had no trouble going on the stage. When several movie stars came to town, Inna had no trouble asking all of them for an autograph. That talent clearly was seen the other day, when she was selling raffle tickets to raise money for our son’s high school basketball team.

                                                                     When my son started playing basketball, I knew I needed to learn technique. Action shots are very new to me. I find it very difficult to take a good quality, worthy picture so far. On the other hand, it is always fun to try a new staff.

I enjoy portrait and landscape photography more. Here is a series of photographs are took over the years.


 Some people express themselves eloquently in words. I was not blessed with such talent. I believe God gave me something better though: convey the thoughts through the art of photography. You be the judge.