Leslie Stahl Testimonial


Leslie Hulet Stahl

P.O. Box 306, Dolan Springs, Az 86441


Dear Dr. Ayzin,


At the age of 58, I am by no means a spring frog. Having lived in Chicago, Orlando, and Miami, all areas that offer excellent dentistry, l have been fortunate to receive excellent dental care in the past. However, I am writing to tell you that by far you have provided the best dental care I have received in my entire life. No exaggeration.


I’m not just talking about your technical expertise, which was immediately obvious; you also took exceptional care to make sure you were not hurting me at any point in the process, even to the point of the position of your finger on my lip. You also checked on me at frequent intervals to make sure I was not suffering from any physical discomfort because I had revealed to you that I am partially disabled and suffer from a couple of severe chronic pain conditions.


This pain is also amplified when I am in stressful situations. You and your entire staff helped reduce my stress level so much that I know it is part of what enabled me to spend 6 hours (or more?) in the chair. This is something I never would have been able to do under other circumstances. The escalation in pain alone would have made it impossible to complete a marathon session like that because the pain of confinement in the chair itself would cause a panic cycle to kick in. However, you were patient and understanding and allowed me enough breaks to keep me from “locking up.”


You also have an extremely pleasant “chairside” manner, which is something else that I sincerely appreciate. Your cheerful and friendly personality helped make me feel comfortable from the moment I walked through the door.


I just want you to know that I truly appreciate your courtesy, professional skill, demeanor, and sensitivity when dealing with a person with disabilities (and phobias and OCDs)-well, your down-right talent.


Please also convey my thanks to your professional and proficient staff. Both of those women are a true asset to your practice. Please give them both my respectful greetings and warm regards and also let them know how much I appreciate their role in your organization and all their kind help: I couldn’t have gone through that extended procedure without their help.


Many thanks (as shown on the card) to you and your staff and, sincerely, you are the best of the best. My husband and I plan to return to see you when I can plan my future dental care.


Warm regards,


Leslie Hulet Stahl

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