Glamsmile-A new opportunity for the patient

Traditional veneers are typically far too expensive for the majority of patients. It’s likely that some of your patients who are in the most need of veneers are the very ones who cannot afford to improve their smiles. GlamSmile is an elegant and simple solution that easily, painlessly and swiftly delivers perfect veneers to each desired tooth at a price that fits comfortably into the budget of the average dental patient.

Depending on a patient’s specific needs and budget, we can offer gorgeous hybrid or pure porcelain veneers. Either way the GlamSmile veneer process requires neither anesthesia nor the removal of healthy tooth structure, the two main factors, after cost, which patients credit for their decision to forgo traditional veneers. Only GlamSmile provides you with a fast, safe and affordable solution to a patient’s desire for a new glamorous smile. Call us to inquire about the price.

Key GlamSmile Benefits for Patients

  • Composite/Ceramic Hybrids and Pure Porcelain Veneers
  • No Anesthesia/No Pain
  • No Required Removal of Healthy Tooth Structure
  • No or minimal prep
  • Digital design with expert ceramist for quality control
  • Time Savings (only two quick office visits)
  • Full Arch (up to 10 teeth) per 1-hour application
  • Minimal Cost when compared to Traditional Veneers
  • Precision Design and Fit