Fishing around the world

I guess fishing is every man’s past time, to more or less of a degree. My first fishing rod was made by my father from a branch of some kind of a nut tree. That tree was used, because it’s branches can bend under pressure, and not brake. When I got older I was bought a bamboo rod. It was a great present. Thinking about it now, it seems like that happened ages ago. “Am I that old?”- I am asking myself…

Over the years I went fishing in the lakes, Kern River and, of course, the ocean. Lake and river fishing are OK on occasion, but, maybe because we live close to the shore, I go sea fishing more often.

 Local sea fishing, near Catalina Island for example, is what I call a standard sea fishing. Here and there you get something exotic, like a star fish or stingray, and then there is some excitement on the boat for a minute or so. Then it subsides, and nice peaceful time returns for the rest of the trip to enjoy and breath fresh sea air and contemplate.


Now, Tuna fishing is a different experience all together.  When I went for the first time several years ago with a bunch of friends of mine from all over the States and the world, we had a blast. To start, our boat captain did not show up that morning to work. Apparently, he had a busy and fulfilling  night prior to our arrival. After big arguments, to keep us happy, sport fishing company offered a FREE overnight fishing trip on a larger boat. It actually worked out to the best. One of the boat’s team members was a chef in his past professional life. Let me tell you, on the way home, he prepared some seared tuna for all the guys. Was it  freshness of the fish, sea air, cook’s know how, or all the above? All I know, it was THE best testing  tuna I have ever had.

But I am getting ahead of myself. The boat took us south of the boarder to the waters of Ensenada, Mexico.  

One of the fishermen was equipped with a locator, so we could trace  boat’s sailing path.

At 5a.m. the following morning providence let us to a right spot, and a wake up call:”Tuna biting!”, felt like an earthquake. With barely opened eyes one got a fishing rod, hooked a mackerel, throwed it as far as one can, waited for a heavy jerk of a large size biting fish, and… followed it around the boat as it (sometimes successfully) tried to escape, entangling with other anglers rod’s on the way. It was quite a messy situation, but fun to watch. After a full day of pulling out the fish, which fights for its life, it felt like one was not fishing, but working out at the gym. For those people, who pay the dues every year, but do not go exercising, I feel this is a great substitute.

first catch of the day

    by mid-morning we had a nice catch to take home. This sanitized photo was taken after the boat was cleaned though. Are you ready to see a real deal? Then scroll down





  This picture was taken at the beginning of the what I call hunting, not fishing, because that is how it felt. A lot of blood. Not your “regular” fishing, is it?

                                                  It was cool to take a brake to watch migrating whale

 A trophy


 At the end of the day we were treated to a beautiful sunset.

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