Complimentory Cosmetic Consultation

Why do we offer a free service?


It is our mission is to improve how people feel about themselves by enhancing their smile. For us it is about you. We feel passionate about improving your health and looks. Because you deserve a better smile.


This year is the 20th year I have been changing peoples smiles. In some cases a new smile changed patients lives as well.  I find that the biggest deterrent to a smile change, though,  is a fear of unknown. Will I look fabulous after smile makeover? Is a doctor qualified and experienced? Will it feel comfortable? Will I be comfortable? That is just a few of many questions that race through the mind before making the first phone call.


Let me reassure you: we will not deliver the brand, the product until you are happy with your smile. You will be happy and feel great about yourself.


What to expect before, during and after your first appointment.                                                                                                

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