Complimentory Cosmetic Consultation. Page 6

A final note and your first step to a new smile.


After I perform oral examination, we will have a discussion what is in my opinion the best way to achieve what you are looking for. Now, I want you to understand, I feel my job is to inform you what I, after 20 years in the business, know will work the best in your case, and what your options are. It is your job, as a patient, to tell me what options, you feel, best suit your needs. I value your honesty. Please be open about what you have in mind, i.e. saying: “I need to discuss this with my husband/wife”, tells me I did not do my job well. Surely, you thought about the procedure for awhile, did your research on the Internet, asked your friends about their opinion, and so on. If we have an open communication, and you are honest with me about whatever is not to your satisfaction or there is some restriction, I know, we CAN deliver what you are looking for as long as I am aware of that restriction or limitation.  Also I would love to meet your significant other and therefore I encourage you to bring them to the cosmetic consultation.


Let’s face it. Smile enhancement is not cheap. It is an investment into yourself, into your well being, into improving your career, making more money, and feeling good. So it is an investment. That is how you should approach this issue. The great thing is after they were done, many patients of mine tell me it changed their lives.  


Thank you for giving me an opportunity to relief your fears and explaining a little of what I know will benefit your life. It will be a privilege to serve you, if you will decide to proceed with the treatment and join our practice as a patient. I would like to reassure you once again, myself and my very qualified and friendly staff will do everything in our power to make it as seamless and as easy as possible to get the smile of your dreams…