Complimentory Cosmetic Consultation. Page 4

Seeing is believing:


If information you received so far seems reassuring to you that you are on the right track, my assistants, Crystal or Eliza, will take several photos of the your smile.


At that point we might choose to do a diagnostic procedure called Digital Imaging of your future smile. With your input, and my discretion, we can choose to send the photos to the laboratory, where technician can show you what to expect afterwards. This can take up to 2 weeks to come back to us and we can show you the result on a follow up appointment. The other option I can use in the office software to show modifications while you are watching, and I would love to have your input on this procedure. It is fun, quick and very rewarding to see an immediate change. Please, do not expect miracles though. Because it is quick, this procedure is not precise, but gives you a very good idea of what to expect.


The same goes for a Mock Up. By overlaying the teeth with very thin layer of mold-able tooth colored material within 5-10 minutes I can give you a pretty good idea how you will look like in about 2 weeks following delivery of your new smile. This material can stay on your teeth for a short time, then it just simply falls off. This technique is very much depended on the position of the teeth are located in your mouth. In other words, if the teeth are pointed in, and do not stick out, it might be a good choice. On the other hand, if teeth are protruded, you can imagine that if we overlay a thin, but additional layer of porcelain, it might not look good.


Wax up is then a procedure of choice. It is a very simple and painless (like all the rest of the cosmetic treatments) procedure, which entitles taking an impression of upper and lower teeth and sending them to a dental laboratory. In about a week, when you will return to the office, I can show you your future smile on the 3 dimensional models of your teeth. Moreover, we can modify them to fit your particular needs, and when you are happy with the look, use them to duplicate your desires in the temporary veneers. I believe it is a team mentality to provide you with the best possible outcome. I, my dental laboratory and YOU are the team players. Because it is a life changing experience, you might want to meet and discuss your ideas with a dental technician, who will be actually fabricating your new smile. This option is available exclusively for the patients, who choose to do their dental work at our practice.                                                

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