Alex’s Story

Throughout my teens my teeth have been an ongoing nuisance.  Cavities, gum issues, braces, retainers.  I thought that was all behind me, until my teeth started to shift in my late twenties.  Pictures began to have shadows that made it embarassing to smile- if the pictures emitted shadows, then everyone must be looking at a crooked smile. The reality of having to get active and fix my teeth was upon me.

I work with the public so braces would tarnish my image and impede upon my success, or at least that was my belief.  Therefore Invisalign was the perfect answer for me.  I wore the trays throughout the day and never felt embarassed about having braces in my thirties because no one was aware of their presence.

Now when people comment on how great my smile is, I proudly show it off. Thanks Dr. Ayzin :) !!

                                    Alex G (proud patient), via e-mail, Los Angeles, CA

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